Description of the protected area

The area enclosed in the Northern Pindos National Park is one of the most important at national and European level areas, combining uniquely natural environment, vegetation, flora, fauna, landforms, natural landscape. The National Park B. Pindos mainly characterized by dense woodlands, rocky ridges, high peaks, steep ravines, permanent and seasonal impetuous streams, many springs and mountain lakes.
Extensive, dense coniferous and beech forests are among the most important habitats in Greece for the brown bear. The population in B. Pindos is the southernmost in Europe, isolated from the corresponding European who are mainly in regions of Eastern Europe and have a discontinuous spreading pattern. The area of ​​the mountains of Pindos characterized by a great variety of bedrock (bedrock). Flysch (psammite rocks), limestones, dolomites, serpentine rocks and granite are the main rocks present in the area. A typical feature of the region is also the strong relief and the large height differences (550-2.620m.). Also, crossed by a plurality of streams, each of which generates its own entirely separate valley eco - climatic conditions. All these contribute to the synthesis of a mosaic of habitats which in turn reflected by an equally diverse ecosystems mosaic with their main feature a wide variety of species, both horizontally and vertically.



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